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My Obviously Contoured Face – Warning! Plenty Pictures to view.

 Hello Darlings,

And it’s February 2015 already! Wow! How come this year is running so fast?
And I’m asking myself the big question….’Did I do all I needed to do right in January’?
I know many of us had ‘New Year Resolutions’…and then again I know many people say New Year Resolutions don’t produce results and that people should have ‘New Day Resolutions’ instead.
Well in my own Opinion, ‘New Year Resolutions’ have helped lots of people and if you believe in ‘New year Resolutions’ then stick to it and make sure you carry through till the end of the year.
Now someone might ask ; ‘Why this post now? This post is meant for January – the beginning of the year’
But Hey! it’s for now, it’s for tomorrow, it’s for June, it’s for November and also December. It’s simply a reminder and a wake up call for you not to give up on the things you have set your heart to do.
So here’s how it affects me and you…. I planned to do a post for you on this blog at least every week and was only able to do 1 post throughout January… How lazy can I be sometimes. All know is that I’ll keep pushing myself to get better.
So after much stories…. here is my 1st post for this month, coming to you on the 1st of the month… How proactive can I be …. *winks*

So in this post just because I have some ‘hawtness’ to serve in this post, the pictures are so many, and I won’t be showing pictures of products I used to achieve this look, but I will definitely list them out and here we go:


Maybelline Stay Perfect Foundation – Caramel
Milani Mineral Powder – Medium
Zaron Face Definer – Highlight and Contour
Sleek Trio Blush Pallette – Cheeks


BMPro Brow Pencil in Brown and Zaron brow definer
Tara Eye Primer – Eye Lid
BH Cosmetic Take me to Brazil Palette –
Pink and Wine
Ben Nye Glitter Glue
BH Cosmetics Glitters Glitters – Magenta
Milani single Eyeshadow – Brown for my crease
Casabella Paint wheel – Orange for transitioning
Red Cherry Lashes
Davis Blue eyeliner for my water line


L.A Girl Cosmetics Lip glaze

Hair Styling:

Savy and Chic

Over all attitude worn:

Lips pouting
Straight face
Swagger and

Ok Well, you would have thought the pictures are over right?
Sorry to disappoint you, I still have about ten more to go.

So here I changed my lip colour using Tara lip pencil in Orange (forgotten the name now and can’t go upstairs to check, I will check and update the post for you).
Lined my lips with Jordanna Lip liner – Eggplant
And I applied a clear lip gloss over the lip pencil
Then I had my braids restyled.
And here……. This is the end of my story and epistle. Once i get a hang of You tube videos, will surely post this on there.
Thank you for reading this post and kindly leave your comments, i will love to hear from you.
For my Nigerian Friends, Come February 14th 2015, you’ll be making a choice in casting your votes. I say, choose a choice that MAKE our future and not MAR it!

Love always
Swan Queen