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Sunny Yellow Eyes and Plum Lips

Hello Swan Darlings,
Sure your June has been going on well, mine has been great, and I am beginning to add weight in all the necessary places 😀😁 Never mind me, I give all glory to God.
This post is about different things in one:
First , it’s about ‘my very first attempt at a cream foundation’. So I have been an ardent fan of a liquid foundation since I started doing Makeup and I have always loved the simple easy application of a liquid foundation.
But I believe that as a Makeup artist, it is imperative you know how to get the best use of all types of Makeup products and in whatever form they come. I decided to give the Cream Foundation a trial, more so because I know that cream foundations give a better coverage than liquid foundations because of the their dense consistency.
I opted for a palette from a brand which I have heard a lot about especially of their Kamoflague cover effect, and I have seen and read a lot of reviews about them – Sacha Cosmetics.  I purchased their Kamoflague Foundation Palette in medium-to-deep.
The Sacha Kamoflague Foundation Palette is a 10-piece light weight palette that comes in light-to-medium and medium-to-deep sets. They are silicon based (which means, that your face will not produce so much oil) and are used to camouflage skin imperfections such as hyper pigmentation, vitiligo, tattoos and many more. It provides maximum coverage and recommended for all skin types.

How I use it:
After I prime my face, I either use my buffing foundation brush or use my beauty blender but I make sure I spray them first with a setting spray.

What I feel about it:
I like the product a lot because it covers quite a lot of my facial dark spots. But the only challenge I have with it is that the shades do not seem to work well for me, they are quite ashy for my skin, I would have loved it to be a bit warmer because if my undertone. But that doesn’t stop me from using them at all, because I work around them well to produce great results. I also use them for highlighting and contouring. And I really think this Foundation Palette is quite pocket friendly for the value it gives. I purchased it for $50

The result: Beautiful as you can see for yourself.

The second reason for this post is to show you how I achieved my Sunny Yellow Eyes and Plum lips.

For my face:
– Sacha Cosmetics Kamoflague Foundation Palette.
– Ben Nye Luxury – Banana
– Zaron Cosmetics Face Definer
– Milani Mineral Compact Power in Medium
– Sleek Studio Blush

For my eyes:
I used the sunny yellow from my BH Cosmetics  Take me to Brazil Palette and then went over that with the bright yellow from my ever faithful Miss Rose Wet Eyeshadow Palette. For my lower eyelid I used the two Blue shades in the Tara Trio Palette -Osenken to give a more beautiful effect.

For my lips:
– Lip liner that I have had for a while, can’t remember the name.
– Milani lipstick  -Uptown Mauve

 And the third reason for this post is to show you the different styles I made with this beautiful long braids that Temi of Stunnababez made for me. I have never had to carry braids this long and for this long (I hope you understand my grammar 😀)
Personally,I would have just had my braids a lot shorter, but Temi likes to do long braids, hey that is her logo and I decided to have a change too. The most beautiful thing about the hair was that I could play around with it and style it any how, I still have about 2 to 3 different styles I made with this hair.
I will post pictures soon.

So friends, here is me saying, ‘keep looking beautiful, I love you and will always bring you more reviews about products that I have tried so that you can make your own findings too and decide if they are best for you’.

Have a super blessed weekend and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this look and if you have used the Sacha Kamoflague Foundation Palette too, let me know your findings.

 Till I write you again in my next post,
keep looking fabulous and stay positive.
Swan Beauty Queen.