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Shopping on EBATES Pays You Better

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog and Happy 2016.
This year will be a lot fun as I will be bringing to you different makeup looks, product reviews, gele styles, and many different ways you can make and save yourself some money.
Well, that is not to change the focus of this blog but to bring to you how much more you can achieve some of your financial goals with the little things you do not think will help and along side looking beautiful.

So the first platform I will the bringing to you is the Ebates platform.
I had heard about them earlier but didn’t really get the gist of how it works, until a friend mentioned it again and I decided to go for it. I wish I registered way much earlier, because I would have saved so much money. So don’t be like me. Here is the information you need to to know about EBATES.
Ebates is a website that has many stores listed under them where by when you shop the stores via Ebates link, you get some percent (as high as 10%-20% depending on the stores) of the value of your purchase as cash back. Isn’t that amazing?
If you like to buy things online, go to your desired store through your Ebates link and get some money in return from Ebates. Simple.
They have diverse stores listed under them, no matter what you want.
So when I need something from a particular store, I always check through Ebates to see if the store is listed and most often than not, it is listed. They are working to also get many more stores listed, but as far as I am concerned, you will always find your favorite stores listed with them.
If you want to earn cash back like I am doing, Click on this link, register and shop away!

Now hold on, there’s more, to make more money, refer 3 friends to Ebates and earn $75 from Ebates. 😊
That makes sense right?
If you are within the US, Register now and be on your way to making a little extra cash and save on your shopping.

Till my next post (which is very soon),
Live your life to the fullest!
Swan Beauty Queen