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Dewy and Glowing Makeup for the win

Hello Slayers,

Welcome back to SwanPro, thank you for always being there. I hope it’s not too late to say “Happy New Year” to you. It’s great for me to start writing again after a long time so to start off, I will just talk about how I have perceived most of the looks I did last year and the difference I would like to make about them this year. I feel like it’s been a whole lot of MATTE looks and darker eyebrows but going forward, I see myself doing more of dewy glowing look and less dark and more natural looking brows, so I will basically show the process of me doing my looks and you tell me what you feel about it.
Here are a few looks I have created for you to see. Keep following me on my social media Network for more I made lot of changes on the website as well as the blog as you can see, and be on the look out for our product coming soon.

Have a nice day